Volcanic Interruptions!

Crap crap crappity crap! (can I say crap on a blog?)

A badly named volcano in Iceland decides to erupt after 200 goddam years and co-ordinates it perfectly with my husband's first ever trip to Africa! What are the chances??? With centuries to plan its eruption, one would assume the lava spewer would pick a better time. Grrrrrrrr.

So while my sunny beautiful weekend has been ruined by a cloud of ash, my husband is making the best of the volcanic explosion, and has gone on a wild life safari, petted a cheetah, gorged on some sinful personalised dessert ...

                                                   (yeah I have pictorial evidence!)

... and is now getting a massage! More Grrrrrrrrrr

Here I am sitting in my PJs, on a mountain of washed laundry waiting to be folded... I can't help but spew venom! Much more Grrrrrrrrrrr


  1. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it Sheryl!!!!! Wish I could come over and give you company with my pj's.

  2. Lookin real cute in the pic girlie:)And I am really proud that you have started this blog. Atleast you are thinking beyond your PJ's :)Glad you have also found an outlet for all the grrrr. And petting a Cheetah is fine but why a massage?! Grrrrrr

  3. You can say crap on a blog! :P
    And ! agree, you cant even take the name of the frikkin volcano!!
    Poor you, home with baby alone!
    Love the blog though and looking forward to more from Sarla in Swissalaand :P

  4. Why grrrrr ... It was a good massage!!

  5. :) welcome aboard darling. and about laundry- why why? why? we are just cursed. bah. :(


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