Bags and Bums!

Well its been a busy week and I've been busy doing nothing!

Oh well, not exactly nothing. We did some spring cleaning and now have more place in our closets for shopping :)

Last weekend was particularly a good one. For one, the Tauros spent quality time together and secondly, I became the proud owner of a LV bag :) Yay! It was an awesome feeling walking out of that showroom, with a salesman handing me my purchase at the door, I swear I was walking on air... well, for that matter I think D was too, thanks to a lighter wallet :)

If this is how all birthday's are going to be, I don't mind growing old :)

I told my mum about the extravagant purchase and she said 'kaalein go thein?! Bhangar muni asa gi thanthun?' (What is that?! Does it have gold in it?). :) So much for Louis!

As for Chiara, she is showing no interest in walking but seems to be quite a chatterbox already (no prizes for guessing where she gets that from!):) Her favourite object the balloon, has time and again been re-christened. From Baiiii to Bungggg, and most recently to Bummm! I've been trying to tell the little one that a 'bum' is that humongous thing attached to her mommy's backside, that doesn't deflate as easily as a balloon! So, after all the pointing to my generous derrière, my genius child now calls a bum 'ba' and a balloon... 'bummmmm'!


  1. hahaha i can so picture aunty julie sayin that... mama was gifted some victoria's secret stuff n she was totally oblivious of how big the brand was.. lol... sheesh when will our mothers start appreciating what we consider Gold ;)

  2. I knowww! A kanjeevaram sari would have got a better reception!

  3. Ha ha, that's why I keep my designer purchases firmly hidden from my mum :-)

  4. Hey, when Dheeraj is in a generous mood you should also take a look at this beauty

    Hugs :-)


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