Mera piya ghar aaya!

After travelling for 36 hours, losing baggage, the man has finally arrived home in one piece and in good spirits :) Yay! I guess sometimes, a volcano is what it takes to make us realise how much we mean to each other!

Chi is thrilled to have her dada back and has been chattering away. She was so excited that she even did some strange MJ style moonwalk crawling (backwards)! Dada says she looks like a girl now... and also that he saw a little bit of her mama in her when she smiled :)... I was thrilled :)

To celebrate Nowro's return from Nairobi, I made good old Mangalorean Mutton Wedding Stew and Panpale. Since this is a very popular dish, I won't bother with the recipe.

I even made 'Vorn' (Mangalorian version of payasam) but it was awful!!! And I have enough to feed a wedding party! I am terrible at figuring out proportions, I nearly always end up with too much.

I remember the first time I ever cooked, I was holed up in the kitchen for 6 straight hours and at the end had made enough sweet pulao to feed a nation! Our solitary guest pecked on the pulao cause he had consumed too many snacks waiting for me to finish cooking! Well, we ate sweet pulao for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a very very long time!

Worst part is, I still haven't learnt. Now we'll be eating super crappy vorn till we die of an overdose! Might be the first ever case of Morn (death) by Vorn!


  1. Sheryl, hahaha.. .. remember my cell phone had a near case of "Death by vorn"...
    poor thing drowned in it...but with resuscitation managed to surive the ordeal...

  2. i cant stop laughin reading ur blogs u really crack me


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