Blogging Virgin

Thanks to my friend May's excessive blogging, I've been inspired to get bloggity! Just that I have no clue what to blog about! Should it be a 'bored housewife stuck in beautiful Suisse Alps' kinda blog, or maybe more on the lines of 'going mental mother of a one year old' kinda thingie. I am hoping the blog will take shape once I get started. I'm more curious about how to make my blog look nice. Will figure that out first and then get back to writing :) Suggestions are welcome!

Toodles darlings :)

A glimpse of Lac Leman from Mont Pelerin. Yes, this is where I live :)


  1. Hi Sheryl!!! Glad to know I was an inspiration!!! Your blog looks very nice and I cannot wait to read tales from Vevey!! Happy Blogging!!!!

  2. welcome to the blogging world. Its a great way to use your time as an expat wife. LOL :)

  3. why dont you come to canada and do some home time here instead of being bored there?

  4. I wish jimbroo! I didn't know u had a blog though!

    Thanks Kim and May... anything to keep me from dying of boredom :)

  5. hi sheryl.. luvd reading ur blog .. lubd the hummour n all what u said abt ur baby... i dont think u rembr me we met at rubens roce.. me a friend of rosana s..


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