Poodle, Potty, Packaging and Peaches

Ever since I've become mommy to Chi, I've been telling all my younger girl friends to have babies as quickly as possible. Mommy-hood is serious business people, you need all the energy and enthusiasm you can possibly muster. 

Unfortunately, I was 31 when Chi was born. So, along with being just plain old lazy, I wasn't very high up on the stamina charts either. I somehow managed to sleep walk through the first grueling year. At 15 months, Chi started sleeping through the night, going to bed on her own, walking, drinking formula milk... and life was looking really good. 

In Mama's shoes... well chappals actually!

Assuming the worst was over, I dared to put my feet up and take a well deserved break. And then... my sweet angel discovered what her feet were for! (Walking is for sissies says she!)

Simple things like shopping or even going outdoors is now a nightmare. Unless she is securely strapped (read tied-down) in her stroller, my aspiring athlete could give the likes of Usain Bolt a run for their money (no pun intended) :)

I had to act quickly! I did the worst thing any mother could do... I bought her a leash! Yeah a leash! Arrrghh, I know... but People, please don't judge me. You have no clue how fast this thing can move! 
To add to my concerns, Chi is a really friendly child... and she does tend to get carried away with her friendliness at times :) At any given chance, she starts chirping 'hi' to anyone who happens to even glance at her, and if they do not look at her, she continues to chirp 'hi' very enthusiastically till they do!!! The fact that she doesn't find strangers strange makes me shudder and tighten my grip on the leash!

I do get the most awful stares, and occasionally there is some pointing and giggling too. I grin like an idiot. So along with all the hip Suisse chickitas walking their fancy chiwawas (who I think are ugly cats pretending to be dogs!), there is me walking my pretty pink poodle :) Well actually she walks me, but then what the hell, I like pretending to be in control :) 

Amidst all the running away, we have made some progress in the potty department. Chi lets me know when she needs to go and is pretty happy sitting on the pot with a book. Once the job is finished, we say bye bye to the previous day's dinner and flush it away. Yay! Only problem is that, I now wake up with a start at the crack of dawn to a loud little voice announcing 'Kaka comingggggg'!!! (Kaka = poo in our mother tongue, Konkani)

Waiting for the day when she makes that trip to the loo alone! 

Leaving you with some recent pics...
We bought a new Nespresso machine. It was a necessity, cause in this part of the world people will drop dead if you serve them just good ol' Nescafe coffee (brings back memories of a train journey to Kolkata, and the shouts of ``Coffeeeeeeee Nes Coffeeeeeee")! I can't figure how anyone can drink such bitter-medicine-type coffee but since my husband is now one of them too, we had to buy one. Chi is the only one who really enjoyed the purchase... this is her crawling in and out of the Nespresso box :)

I do love this picture of my peaches eating oranges :) Chi tasted a sour orange for the first time and didn't even flinch! I think it is time to bring on the karela (bitter gourd). I do love bitter gourd but D refuses to even look at it. So, hoping that Chi has my taste buds and not his!


  1. I love your pictures Sheryl :-) Chi's a real dolly!! And sweetie, trust me no mum will ever judge you for the leash... we all need it. Mine actually wore it for a few weeks, and then in a memorable incident in Mumbai Airport ran round and round in circles really fast until I took the leash off!! I gave up after that, and the stroller is my best friend, still!!

  2. I can completely emapthise with your fear of Chiara being friendly with strangers, esp since she is growing cuter by the day.

    My brat only leaves the house with me in a ventilated cage, even a leash won't do as she will sit stubbornly and refuse to move except in a direction she wants to go. Only difference is that my brat is actually a cat! LOL

  3. Brilliant piece dear girl. Keep them coming, so people like me can read & smile all day...
    Love & God Bless

  4. enjoyed reading ur blog sheryl. keep writing! wish u had some pics of u being walked by the pink poodle :)


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