Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Fall

My last entry for the 'Mama and Me' contest wasn't a winner... so awful that I didn't even get a special mention! Grrrrrrr I was grouchy for quite a while, and I realised nothing has changed about me... I am such a sore loser! 

Trying my luck again this week with my entry for the 'Fall' Photo Challenge. 

Fall Fairy 

This is Miss Chi trying out her wings for her 'Fall Fairy' halloween costume. She wouldn't stand still for a moment... so this is the best shot I could get! well, what more can you expect from my Little Miss Flying Feet :)
Last Halloween Chi wore a pumpkin costume and looked adorable, but she was too little to be even wonder what the excitement was all about. So this year we are going to have our first proper Halloween.... yay!! I can't help but squeal :) 
I've been buying craft supplies and browsing costume stores. So far, I've given my little girl wings... but there is more to come :) Will update soon!
Till then, keeping my fingers crossed, and relying on my little fairy to cast a winning spell :)

The Paper Mama


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