My F1 Earnings

Hello world. Today, I pocketed me first earnings after 5 long years! I am super thrilled and very proud of myself :)

Here is what earned me the money. An F1 cake was for a boy turning 9. The birthday boy's mom is the sweetest and baked the cakes herself, and handed them over for the beautifying bit. The only brief I got was F1 and NO pink!

Top View: The number 9 race track
Side view: Spiral road
Back view: Road sign and rocks

I also created a name banner and a 'FINISH' banner which aren't in the pictures. Do write in with your reviews. I'm off to buy my family lunch :)


  1. Looks awesome!!! Super proud of you Cheeky mama!

  2. Super proud of you!! Looks great!

  3. The cake was a show stopper Sheryl! A is thrilled - the best cake he has ever had!


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