Birthdays, baby love and buses

It's birthdays galore at the Tauro household.

First it's my husband's turn to turn a year older on March 6th, then my poochie pumpkin turns 2 on March 15th and I follow soon after (the aged and ailing knees don't allow me to move too quickly) in early April. Thankfully the next Tauro is not scheduled to arrive this time of the year! Phew!

By now, you must have it figured out, that I don't have much of a life, and planning silly parties gives me great joy. I've been trying to put together some stuff for Chi's birthday... hopefully she appreciates all the effort :)

It's strange how after the kids arrive, the adult birthdays take a back seat... the hubby will be lucky if he gets a cake and a meal :) Maybe I'll throw in a birthday card as well... ooooh how exciting!!!

The other day, Chi was watching a new 'Elmo's World' DVD, and I was busy doing my own thing. Suddenly the swiss silence was shattered with an ear piercing cry. Like every concerned mother should, I bolted to the scene with images of a cracked skull & oozing blood rushing through my head, only to find my daughter weeping like someone had died. I hugged her and asked her what happened, but the poor child was incapable of uttering a word amidst the gushing tears. After much coaxing she managed to blurt ''Elmo fell downnnn'' followed by even more hysterical wailing (Rudali types). Well, such is her love for that fuzzy little red monster. So as expected, Chi is having a Sesame Street themed party, with the focus being on the love of her life 'Elmo'.

Chi and I have been trying to be more frequent at the playgroup. But as much as we try, the forces of nature seem to work against us. Every monday and friday mornings we rush through our otherwise leisurely routine and make a mad dash to catch the bus... only to watch it whoosh past us each and every time! It is so awful! One day we actually reached the bus stop way ahead of time, so feeling very pleased with ourselves, we decided to walk up to the next stop. There we were happily tramping along, and whoooooosh the friggin bus drives past us, 5 minutes ahead of time! Crap crap crappity crap! Eventually, we walked for half an hour, and got to the playgroup just in time to watch everyone leave.... whooosh!

Moments like these, make me want to let loose a litany of the choicest abuses (learnt from my Bhopali acquaintances), instead I will choose to be ladylike and say, C'est la vie! Hmph!


  1. Ha ha ha, the bus stories are hilarious Sheryl :-) I felt the same about some of the buses in the UK, so glad to know they're the same all over Europe. Luckily the Canadian drivers are really sweet, they'll stop for you, even if you wave at them from a mile away.

    Chi is just becoming cuter by the day. I wonder how she's going to react to baby Tauro. Should make for good reading.

    Love you blog Sheryl, its put a big smile on my face first thing in the morning.

  2. The little girl looks adddddddddddorable :)
    and to cry like that.. hahaha.. sooooooooooooo cute!! want to read more about her antics :)

  3. I cannot wait to see the pic's of Ms Chi's B'day!! Seriously Suisse are my inspiration!! Hats off to you girl to for all the lovely parties you plan...:D

  4. ha ha ha..u never miss to bring on a wide smile on many faces...happiness galore to the tauros..
    have fun planning!!

  5. saw these pictures of chiara s bday ..waiting to hear abt them on ur blog :)


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