Cute as a Button

Gosh, it's been a while! Happy New Year All!

Though I regularly visit my blog and check what my favourite bloggers are up to, I simply don't have the time to even write a line. It is beyond me, how all these super mom's do what they have to do and find time to be so interesting in the blog world! Simply amazing. I consider my day very productive if I manage to feed my girl on time, clean her, cook a meal for us and get out of my PJs by the end of the day!

As for where I've been all this while, I've been busy with house guests, an emergency trip to India, having fun with Chi, attending weddings and more :)

If I am allowed to say so, Chi is a complete cutie :) I fall more and more in love with her everyday. The India trip was especially good for her, she now speaks in sentences, and has even begun asking questions. She sings full songs, counts up to 10, sings the alphabet from A to Z, makes us play endless games of 'ring-a-ring-a-roses' and does silly things to make us laugh :)

Her obsession with her belly button has gone a step ahead, and now she goes a little berserk when she spots buttons! You can only imagine the button inspector's excitement when she met a Priest in Mangalore wearing a cassock!

Leaving you with a video of her shaking a leg at my nephew's engagement. (Please ignore the high pitched mom in the background). Enjoy :)


  1. Chi is so cute!
    And though you kept saying '' she danced only when a partner was around :P


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