Chi's Chatter and Cream Cheese

We've have been really busy with guests, lunches, dinners, BBQs, swimming in the pool and the lake, shopping for the India trip... summer couldn't have been better :)

Having my mom around has been a blessing. I have left lil Chi with my tried and tested baby sitter (aka Mom) and gone dancing on a Brazilian boat, chug-chugged on a jazz train, watched a movie after a century, gone drinking for 2 centuries and even taken french lessons!

Meanwhile, Chi has been busy growing up.
She now chatters non-stop. Her vocab now includes:

Dada, mama, Nana, didi (all older children... boys and girls included), dai (dollie), baby (the girl doll/ other babies), baba (the boy doll), daka (penguin pillow), hommm (home)

joo (juice), mummm (food), dudu (milk/ water), goo (yoghurt), punu (spoon), bay (bread)

shunu (stroller), Car, tennn (train), bo (boat)

Duckiee (duck), baiee (birdie), moo (cow), woof (dog), go (goat/ sheep and all other similar looking animals)

fannn (fan), phone, vooo (vacuum cleaner/ blender)

Popo (clothes), thocks (socks), Thoo (shoes), keem (cream), Combbb (comb), bathie (bath), Tie (tie), pan (pant), bae (belt), taka (hair clips)

nee (knees), Fee (feet), eye (eyes), tee (teeth), bai (bombli/ belly button)

buku (Chi's kannada ishtyle book :)), bai (ball)

aafish (office), Noooo (No), dumma (hurt/ fall), aminga (amigo - spanish for friend), see (C - as in ABC), thee (tree), see (seat/ sit), dandin (garden), kaka (poo/ diaper), shee (dirty), hmm (yes) ... etc

She does frame short sentences like Q: 'where mama?' A: 'Aaaaaahh Mama there!' or 'Mama gone!' She understand a whole lot more than she can speak, and points to things when we ask her.

I think this has to be the best stage ever. Being a mum has never been more fun! Of course, the fact that she now goes to bed on her own and sleeps through the night is just an added bonus :)

Ever since Chi was born, I have been meaning to maintain a scrap book.... but so far, all I have is scrap and no book! D doesn't miss an opportunity to remind me of my pending project. Well, maybe it'll be a great wedding present... what say? :D

I do have a knack for putting things off. But this time it has really gone too far... strange things have been happening in my house! The Philadelphia cream cheese which has been sitting in my fridge forever and is now close to its expiry date, has sent me a note! Check this out if u don't believe me...

I replied...

Though I can't help but think that if the cheese was smart enough to write a note, it wouldn't have been sitting inside a box in the first place! hmmm...


  1. very cool :) mom & princess both r awesome..

  2. Coooool Sheryl.... like your writing style and creativity............ u r good at doubt...!


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