Mammas and babies

Now that my mother is here, I have happily gone back to being my usual lazy self. I have to keep reminding myself that I have a daughter who needs to be cleaned, fed and looked after! Though her Nana at times takes over those duties too! I do hope Chi doesn't have such high expectations from her mother!!!

Little Miss Chi is a busy body. She now walks confidently all over the house. We only need to keep our ears open for a little voice going 'dummm'... announcing an accident :) All falls are announced before they occur, so a quick moving parent may actually be able to avert any harm.

These days a bowl n 'poon' are her favourite toys.
She has been returning the favour with lengthy feeding sessions. Exaggerated munching accompanied by animated cheering can leave one with a sore jaw and hands... but the feeder persists!

Then there are her two baby dolls, who are constantly pushed around in their stroller.
Sometimes like a bolt out of the blue, the babies are flung to the floor in one swift motion! (WARNING: This is what happens to those who tick off Lil Miss Chi). Anyway, her new found love for her doll 'baba' is making her dada nervous already... last night she saw 'baba' after a while and was in tears after being reunited with him! Gosh.

The other day I yelled at her for sticking her fingers up her nose, she pouted and cried, violently shaking her hands in a 'why? why?' motion at same time! Only 15 months old and a drama queen already... wonder what the future has in store for me? Shudder!

But my favourite time with my daughter is just rolling in bed... tickling, giggling, hunting for her 'bombi' (belly button) or with Chi simply lying on my tummy, doing nothing. It is precious moments like these that make everything worth it :)


  1. Your drama queen has a fan already Sheryl! Mwah! Keep the blog rolling!

  2. Lovely pic of big mama and babies there! Quick moving parent wouldnt describe u, would it? :P

  3. Totally love your style of writing!!!! You are a Chi!!!

  4. yes, these little lazy moments are the best. I love them too! and babe, you have such a happy child, touch wood. Sunshine. :)


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