Fun with family and fondant

I've been super busy with a house full of guests... which is a wonderful feeling I must add :)

Even Chiara is enjoying all the company. She is so comfortable with everyone... which really surprises me cause normally she is quite a clingy baby. Guess the high octave voices remind her of her mama :)

To welcome the family, I baked a chocolate cake and tried my hand at decorating with fondant for the first time. I've been wanting to try this for a while now, but I haven't been able to find ready made fondant. So, when I spotted mini white marshmallows during a recent trip to Carrefour, I was thrilled!

After watching numerous videos on youtube on 'how to make marshmallow fondant', I popped the marshmallows in the microwave... only to have a horrible, gooey, sticky mess on my hands! I was tempted to throw the entire mush in the bin... but I persisted and viola! The trick is to really grease your hands and your work space before you begin.

The design was impromtu. I didn't have cookie cutters, so used Chiara's blocks for cutting out the stars! Working with fondant is really easy... it is almost like playdough and oodles of fun :)

Click here for a simple Marshmallow Fondant Recipe.


  1. wow that is beautiful..i like the flowers on it and the colors.

  2. Looks extrmely professional Cheryl! Awesome!

  3. WooooooooW Sheryl!!! I can't help oohing and ahhing at this masterpiece!!!! Girl, you are born to decorate cakes!! I simply do not have the patience for decoration and cannot envision myself making this beauty!! Hats off to you!!!!

  4. Thanks reema, Kim and Appu! :)
    May@ I have no patience to bake the cake... I only like the decoration bit! Guess we shld team up :) U could clean up after me also! :D

  5. too good Sheryl, It looks so professionally done.


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